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GBP – Google Business Profile is the #1 way for people to find you.  At MMW where here to help you style up YOUR Brand and get you noticed in Google!

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GBP – Google Busines Profile

When hunger strikes, your hair needs a makeover, or your favorite shirt suddenly needs a touch of freshness, where do you turn? That’s right, the all-knowing oracle we call Google!  As Kevin Hart hilariously discovered in his latest stand-up routine, there’s a world of comedy gold hidden in the realm of “Googleable” information. But beyond entertainment value, Google is an indispensable tool for businesses big and small.

Google Business Profile is the ultimate game-changer for businesses. As a free tool, it has become the holy grail of online success, with an irrefutable position as the number one ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm. In fact, a recent study by Whitespark revealed that it accounts for a whopping 33% of your overall ranking! 

With Google Business Profile, you open up endless possibilities to boost your online presence like never before. Gain unrivaled visibility by showcasing your business information directly. 

GBP is THE place where your clients past and present can testify to your awesomeness! 🌟 Whether you’re a creative genius, a problem-solving guru, or an innovative mastermind, this is the place to let the world know just how amazing you are at what you do. 💪🤩

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to strategic success!

In this area of your business, once you have completed your Branding Style (colors, fonts, website etc) MMW will help you set up your GBP.

  • We will add your logo
  • Add photos of your business or what you do
  • Add your website
  • Add all your contact information and NO you do not have to have a physical address
  • Hours your open
  • If you have a way for clients to book appointments (ex: 17Hats or Calendly) we will add your link.
  • Add your keywords for people to find you for best SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • When you hire MMW for your social media we will keep you current on GBP as well. Yes, you can even post content about your business in GBP. 
  • We will give you ways to go back to your past clients and ask for reviews and how to ask for them with all your current ones.